Today, Liberal MPs voted to punish hard-working Canadians. Instead of voting for our common-sense Conservative motion to take the carbon tax off home heating, Liberals and their new separatist Bloc Quebecois coalition partners voted to keep the tax on just as winter is approaching.

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax pause for home heating oil is nothing but a gimmick and a scam. It does nothing to help 97 percent of Canadian households. And not only are Liberals refusing to offer relief to struggling Canadians, they all support quadrupling the tax and punishing Canadians even more.

This carbon tax chaos has created two classes of Canadians. When asked why the carbon tax was paused for only a select few, the Liberal Rural Affairs Minister said that if other Canadians wanted to be able to afford to heat their homes or feed their kids, they should have elected more Liberals.

If that’s the case, why aren’t other Canadians in Liberal-held ridings feeling the relief? Why did Liberal MPs vote to make the lives of the people who voted for them more expensive? And why did the Liberals join separatists to divide Canada with a vote to pause the tax for one and quadruple for others?

Justin Trudeau isn’t making decisions to benefit Canadians. He’s making decisions to try and save himself. And Canadians are paying the price.

This Prime Minister is just not worth the cost. Only common-sense Conservatives will keep the heat on and take the tax off to bring home lower prices for all Canadians.