Last week, during the debate on a common sense Conservative bill that would remove the carbon tax for farmers, Trudeau-appointed Senators voted to shut down debate on the final vote, continuing to punish farmers struggling with Trudeau’s carbon tax. 

The panicking Liberals are now resorting to every trick in the book, trying desperately to prevent farmers from getting a carbon tax carveout for grain drying, barn heating and other farm operations. Trudeau’s Senators are playing unprecedented political games with the livelihoods of Canadian farmers to prop up the Prime Minister’s failed tax and save face for Liberal ministers like Steven Guilbeault who declared that there would be no more carveouts while he was Environment Minister.

This desperate move from the Trudeau Government came after the Senate rejected Liberal amendments to gut the bill earlier last week. Now, Trudeau’s Ministers and the PMO have been frantically calling Senators, trying to convince them to shut the bill down.

Canadians have already been left out in the cold by the Trudeau-Bloc coalition which voted down a Conservative motion that would have removed the carbon tax on all forms of home heating. Now Liberals want to continue with their plan to quadruple the carbon tax on farmers, a tax that will continue to increase the cost of food on Canadians. 

Common Sense Conservatives introduced this legislation because a tax on farmers means an increase in the cost of food for Canadians at a time when families are already struggling. This bill would provide relief for our farmers who want to make food more affordable for Canadians in the face of Justin Trudeau’s inflationary taxes and deficits. When the Senate returns next week, Senators will need to make a choice between supporting Trudeau’s agenda and supporting farmers and ordinary Canadians.

At the next election, Canadians will be able to make a choice between Justin Trudeau’s plan to quadruple the tax and Pierre Poilievre’s plan to axe the tax for everyone, on everything.